About Mr Snax

I’m a self confessed foodie, nosh is my game.

Despite the name I’m not a snacker, purely a lover of gourmet grub.

It is a prime requirement for me that I know what I’m eating for my main meal twenty four hours in advance. The tantalisation and anticipation is almost as pleasurable as the tasting of the flavour and texture itself. If I am not eating I’m thinking or talking of fine fare.

Thirty five years of travelling the globe has filled my mind with meals, menus, recipes and restaurants. I’ve developed into a walking, talking food encyclopaedia.

Once I was phoned in Florida at 4am, by a colleague requesting a good place for a meal in Inverness.  I naturally obliged and then told him what to choose off the menu. It was hard to get back to sleep just imagining his dilemma!

This obsession must be in my blood, my grandfather was a grocer’s inspector in Sheffield and had the good fortune to serve in India in World War One, where he developed a taste for curries. He would be very envious of my food forays and my success in winning the first Barrs Irn Bru Scottish Curry Lover of the Year 2008.

Apart from putting on weight the lasting result of my eating endeavours are the many friends I have made with butchers, bakers and curry makers. But don’t be fooled this site is more than just curries as you’ll find out over the coming months.

My Food Heaven

Lobster Thermidor

Methi Gosht

Beef Fillet Medallions in a port jus with asparagus  tips and cheddar melt

Cullen Skink

Roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary

Butterscotch Ice cream

My Food Hell

Pickled Herring


Sago and tapioca

Hot food served on cold plates!

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